Modular & Scalable Solution

Rack Accessories / Features

Each modular system can be configured with all the necessary critical power, distribution, rack security, and cooling integrated to your requirements.  All configurations of the STULZ Micro DC feature a standard 19" rack which can be easily outfitted with standard accessories, including UPS, PDU, cable management, LED lighting, environmental monitoring software, and more.

Common Accessories / Features

  • Cable Management

    Universal Cable Runway with Horizontal Cable Management

  • Rack Construction

    Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Powder Coat Finish

  • Power Distribution

    eConnect PDU's with Environmental Probe & Temperature Humidity Sensor

  • Monitoring & Security

    Remote Infrastructure Management

Configurable Options

  • Fire Suppression
  • Spring Open Door
  • Security
  • Alarms
  • UPS
  • E-Access
  • Lighting
  • STULZ State-of-the-Art E2 Microprocessor with a Range of BMS Interface Options
  • Available with Black or White Paint

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