Liquid-to-Chip Cooling

Using Direct Contact Liquid Cooling "DCLC" from CoolIT

CoolIT’s DCLC™ technology uses the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide concentrated cooling to the hottest components inside a server, enabling very high density configurations even with today’s top performing processors. CoolIT’s liquid cooling solutions can be tailored to any server layout and have already been adopted by many server manufacturers as a reliable technology and is covered under standard warranties.

  • Higher kW per rack by massively parrallel computing in one compute center or data center

  • Not just for high performance data centers
    • Leading chip manufacturers are designing processors that must be liquid cooled
    • By running the processor cooler at lower temperatures there is a greater level of reliability
    • Artificial intelligence, VR and massive data aquisition applications are driving high performance parallel computing
  • Patented coldplate technology supports CPU, GPU, ARM and ancillary interposers, heat pipes, or heat spreaders

  • Reliable stainless steel manifolds employing dry break, quick connect technology in horizontal or vertical chassis

  • Servers from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Huawei, NEC, Intel, SuperMicro and others are supported

  • Servers from almost any rack can be adapted

  • Retrofit or new builds


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  • STULZ Chip-to-Atmosphere Data Sheet

    • File: STULZ_Chip-to-Atmosphere_Data_Sheet.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 958,51 KB

    • Language: English (US)

    • Date: 2016-09-13

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