STULZ DRH: Direct Room Humidifier

Stand-alone Ultrasonic Humidifiers

STULZ Direct Room Humidiers (DRH) are designed for stand-alone room applications. DRH are typically mounted on the perimeter wall serving mission critical applications, or any environment where tight humidity control is required. 


  • Data centers

  • Libraries and museums

  • High tech manufacturing

  • Printing and duplication

  • Food and beverage

  • Agricultural and tobacco

  • Health care facilities

  • Laboratories

  • Commercial offices



  • Mounts below the ceiling in a conditioned space

  • On wall or column with factory furnished mounts

  • Suspended from above in open space

  • Integral blower and washable filter

  • Absorption distance determined by RH of room

  • Made in the USA

Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis

A STULZ Ultrasonic Humidifier needs only 7% of the power required by an electric steam humidifier. Assuming a humidification requirement or 20 lbs/ hr., a DAH-16 has a power requirement of 0.495 kW at 21.1 lbs/hr. Using a comparable capacity steam type humidifier, the power requirement is 6.8 kW at 20 lbs/hr, which is an energy premium of approximately 93%.

In a typical application, the yearly humidification requirement is approximately 2500-3000 hrs. ROI is typically 1-2 years verses Steam or Infrared.

At a $0.08 per kWh Utility Rate:

Ultrasonic yearly power requirement

3,000 hrs x 0.495 kW
1,485 kWh
Yearly electrical energy cost1,485 x $0.08 kWh
Steam electrode yearly power requirement

3,000 hrs x 6.8 kW
20,400 kWh
Yearly electrical energy cost20,400 kWh x $0.08/kWh
Yearly electrical energy savings$1,513.20


Why is humidification important in data centers?

Why Humidify?

STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring 

  • Engineered for single or multiple humidifier systems
  • Utilizes STULZ E2 Microprocessor Controller for integrated operation of up to 16 humidifiers per zone
  • Ultra-Series control boxes enclose up to eight power supplies each, providing power and control distribution
  • Proportional analog output from microprocessor converted to Pulse Width Modulation at humidifiers
  • Monitors and communicates various system functions and alarms including water quality via integrated control and/or optional BMS

Principle of Operation

See how Ultrasonic works

STULZ offers portable exchange deionizers (PEDI) and total water systems by Culligan.

Learn more about STULZ Water Treatment by Culligan



  • STULZ Ultrasonic Humidification & EC Fan Retrofit Kit Brochure

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