Sustainability and environmental responsibility

With its vast array of products and solutions, STULZ is leading the way with respect to energy efficiency.

STULZ developed their first air conditioners using Economizers back in the 1970s and have been improving them ever since. When it comes to reducing energy consumption and costs in data centers, air and water side economizers – particularly in cold and temperate climates – offer the greatest potential for savings. This potential has recently been enhanced further thanks to technological advancements. STULZ is an international leader with advanced solutions for Direct and Indirect Free cooling. An example of this is the innovative, STULZ Dynamic Economizer Cooling (DEC) system sometimes referred to as warm water cooling. The STULZ DEC automatically operates a chiller, water tower, and CRAH units all at their optimum efficiency to provide the highest annual number of hours of economization. This system can operate up to 70% more economically than systems that only have mechanical chilling technology. What's more, with 100% air side economization, it is often possible to achieve savings of 90% or more.

What will the air-conditioning systems of the future be like? This has always been a fundamental question for STULZ and one that they return to again and again as part of the extensive research they put into all their parts and components. One result of this research was the launch of CyberAir CRAH and CRAC units back in 2003. This was the world's first precision air-conditioning system to be fitted with high-efficiency EC fans as standard.

As a manufacturer of efficient air-conditioning systems, STULZ is constantly working to lower their energy consumption and save power across all areas in our plants, offices, and data centers. This became evident in 2013 when STULZ USA added a 950 kW solar array to their main building in Maryland. 

STULZ is also working continually to advance the efficiency of their data center cooling solutions and ensure that they operate in an environmentally conscious manner. 


  • Greater efficiency is achieved by using the highest quality components

  • STULZ uses the most efficient technologies in their cooling equipment

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