Technical Expertise that puts customers first

Globally, you find STULZ’ solutions in the largest and most sensitive mission critical sites, as well as the smallest IT rooms. This is not only because STULZ has the largest capacity range of product offerings in the industry, but because STULZ is continually innovating as the industry and customer needs evolve. STULZ is not confined by an off-the-shelf product. Expert innovation happens by listening to the customer’s unique needs and ideas. The pre-engineered product is only the beginning.

This innovative thinking, along with a full design engineering team, has allowed STULZ to deliver exceptional solutions and services to its customers, while providing a personalized touch.


  • Pre-Engineered Solutions, tailored to the customer’s specific needs
  • Full Design Engineering staff in Frederick, Maryland
  • STULZ partners with companies of all sizes on a daily basis: from small business to Fortune 500
  • STULZ conducts tests using multiple testing areas.

  • STULZ expertly manufactures cooling products

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