Series 500 Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Portable desiccant dehumidifier for disaster recovery and water damage remediation

The Series 500 (DRY-700) is portable, self contained, and designed for maneuverability in small spaces like building elevators and tight corridors.


  • Water damage restoration

  • Portable/temporary dehumidification



  • Rugged all aluminum cabinet construction

  • Advanced silica gel desiccant rotor

  • Single point power connection - 12' self storing power cord

  • Solid state controls

  • Proportional controlled electric reactivation of desiccant rotor

  • Wheel mounted (skid mounted available for permanent installation)

  • Beaded air connections; accommodates

  • High External Static Pressure

  • Low maintenance-easy access to all internal components

  • Made in the USA

Desiccant Technology

Engineered to operate under severe operating conditions, the DRY-700 uses desiccant technology to remove water vapor directly from the air. Removing water from the air reduces the air vapor pressure, which improves evaporation. This makes the DRY-700 the logical choice for structural drying, support drying for mold remediation, and new construction building envelope drying.



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