A benchmark of scalability – for high density workloads up to 80 kW per rack

The STULZ Micro DC provides a cost-effective solution to quickly build up IT capacity where it is needed. This modular, highly efficient solution is easily scalable to meet both the needs of today and the growth of tomorrow – even in places where space is limited.

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Every STULZ Micro DC can be configured for low to medium density IT loads, as well as a combination of Integrated Precision Cooling (ICS™) and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC™), for high density workloads up to 80 kW per rack.



  • Fast configuration & delivery

  • "Drop-in" solution (quick to install and easy to expand)

  • Modular configurations with traditional precision cooling and industry leading liquid chip level cooling technology

  • Modular design with removable Integrated Cooling Solution (ICS), so that the system fits through conventional door dimensions

  • Each device is individually configured, tested and delivered

  • Worldwide sales and service network

  • Suitable for non-data center environments

  • For high-density workloads up to 80 kW per rack

Two versions and three rack sizes

The STULZ Micro DC is a 19" standard rack that is available in three different heights: 40, 45 and 48U; and two different dephts: 1,250 mm and 1,450 mm. Availability depends on your region and can be determined using the configurator.


STULZ Micro DC - high performance
STULZ Micro DC - standard

Both shown configurations are equipped with STULZ ICSTM (side-mounted cooling solution). While the standard version has the C2020 controller, the high performance model comes with E2 and is compatible with Direct Contact Liquid Cooling.



Scalability – Grow with your requirements

  • 1-rack configuration (Internally Mounted)

  • 1-rack configuration (Side Mount)

  • 2-rack configuration

  • 6-rack configuration

Traditional data centers and server rooms often need to be planned years in advance. Costly restructuring is not uncommon. The STULZ Micro DC offers an incomparable level of scalability that makes it possible to grow with the requirements. Depending on the requirements, the STULZ Micro DC can grow from a 1-rack configuration (from 3 kW) to a 6-rack configuration with a heat load of up to 480 kW. The STULZ Micro DC can thus drastically reduce your investment costs in IT infrastructure.



Micro Data Center Brochure (3 kW - 80 kW)

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