Direct Contact Liquid Cooling

For dense, concentrated and targeted cooling

DCLC™ is Direct Liquid Cooling that utilizes the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide dense, concentrated cooling for target surfaces. DCLC™ drastically reduces dependency on fans or air handlers. Extremely high rack densities are possible, power consumption drops, making possible greater power potential. Each server in each rack can be liquid cooled with CoolIT Systems. Customer operating expenses are reduced tangibly and measurably.

Benefits of DCLC

  • Higher density cooling to enable maximum utilization of rack and data center space

  • Not just for high performance data centers

  • Patented cold plate technology supports CPU, GPU, ARM and additional interposer, heat pipes or heat spreaders

  • Reliable stainless steel Rack Manifolds with dry-break quick connect technology in a vertical housing

  • Factory-installed liquid servers are available from HPE, Dell EMC, Intel and more

  • Compatible with any server in any rack

  • Retrofit or new installation

Passive Coldplate Loop

CoolIT Systems’ Rack DCLC Passive Cold Plates are managed via a centralized pumping architecture. These cold plate assemblies can cool any combination of CPU, GPU, and Memory components, with customization available for Voltage Regulators, ASIC, and FPGA. Servers remain hot-swappable and simple to service.

Rack Manifold

The Rack DCLC Rack Manifold manages liquid distribution between the Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) and any number of Passive Coldplate Loops. Installed vertically, manifolds can be customized to suit any rack environment. Rack Manifolds are incredibly reliable and robust, utilizing a stainless-steel body combined with 100% non-drip, metal quick disconnects.

Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

CoolIT Systems’ Rack DCLC product line offers a variety of CDU's depending on load requirements and availability of facility water, including rack-mount CHx80 or CHx40. Featuring sophisticated monitoring systems, these liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers utilize centralized pumping architecture to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Our partner

As an experienced innovator with over 60 patents and more than two million liquid cooling units deployed, CoolIT Systems is the top liquid cooling choice for HPC, Cloud and Enterprise markets worldwide.

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