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Ultrasonic Humidification Webinar


When it comes to managing environments for mission critical applications, the discussion often surrounds precision cooling. However, in addition to temperature, controlling humidity is essential. From hygiene in clean rooms to static electricity, there are as many benefits of humidity control as there are unique applications.

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We'll help you:

  • Keep it Stable
  • Keep it Hygienic
  • Keep it High-Quality
  • Keep it Growing
  • Keep it Preserved
  • Keep it Static Free

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Ultrasonic Humidifiers

We will review both Direct Room Humidifiers (DRH) and Ducted Air Humidifiers (DAH)



Casey Jon McKay

Casey Jon McKay is the Product Line Manager at STULZ USA, the world’s leading provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology. Prior to championing various industry segments such as hyperscale computing, colocations, precision agriculture and humidification, Casey served as the STULZ USA Director of Engineering. He has overseen product design, development, testing and validation of the entire STULZ USA product portfolio and has over 20 years’ experience focused on both commercial refrigeration and the precision climate control industry.

David C. Meadows II

Dave Meadows has worked in data center cooling since 1999. He is currently the Director of Technology at STULZ USA, a manufacturer of precision air conditioning, humidification, and dehumidification products specifically designed for the data center. Previously David has served as both the Design Engineering Manager and the Applications Engineering Manager at STULZ. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. David is also a graduate of the United States Navy Nuclear Power School.

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