The Ultimate Space Saver

CeilAir is the most complete line of ceiling mounted data center cooling solutions in the industry, with a vast array of chilled water (CW) and direct expansion (DX) solutions.


  • Data centers where floor space is a premium



  • DX systems with independently circuited, high efficiency, high reliability, and low noise scroll compressors

  • Wide range of options with DX or CW for precision cooling

  • High static blowers are available for ducted systems

  • Condensate pumps can be factory or field installed (in some models)

  • High efficiency EC Fans available in certain models

  • Fully accessible through easily removable side access panels

  • Smaller capacity units easily mounted in a standard 2' x 4' grid of a dropped ceiling plenum

  • Spot cooler and ducted configuration

  • Aluminum cabinet construction - no corrosion & low weight

  • Water-side economizer with free cooling or alternate water source

  • Integral steam canister humidifier with various capacities and proportional control option


  • Hot gas reheat - provides reheat using recycled compressor heat

  • Hot water and low pressure steam - using an external heating medium

  • Electric reheat - single-stage low watt density, electric resistance heaters


STULZ E2 Controls and Monitoring

Variety of controls from electromechanical to state-of-the-art E2 Microprocessor, allowing seamless integration with all BMS platforms

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Technical Data

kW3.5 - 35
MBH/hr12 - 120
Tons1 - 10
CFM          500 - 4,400


Technical data is subject to change without notice.


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