STULZ Custom Indoor Air Handling Unit

STULZ Custom Indoor Air Handling Unit

The STULZ Custom Indoor AHU is a purpose built solution that meets users unique requirements for indoor mounted environments.  STULZ works closely with our customers to design the optimal unit for their specific needs, ensuring the right solution, every time.

Features & Benefits

Custom air handling units are engineered to order solutions that meet today's cutting edge data center design requirements.  By using proven STULZ technology, custom AHU's provide the efficiency and performance that users and operators demand.

Extensive range of capacities and cooling configurations

  • Direct Expansion

  • Chilled Water

  • Direct Adiabatic

  • Free Cooling

    Air-Side and Water-Side Economizer Solutions Available

EC Plenum Fan Design

  • EC Fan array with variable airflow
  • Multiple fan sizes and fan array arrangements available
  • Eliminates need for variable speed/frequency drives
  • UPS available for continuous fan operation


  • Robust, extruded aluminum construction with various panel thickness, including a thermal break option

  • Various voltages available in 50/60 Hz designs

  • Custom horizontal and vertical orientation to fit any space

  • Flexibility to be mounted on pad, steel, curb, or floor stand structures with lifting points for rigging

  • Filter options available in MERV7 to MERV14

  • Ease of access for service and maintenance

  • Meets global standards



STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring

  • State-of-the-art STULZ E2 Microprocessor with a range of BMS interface options
  • 3rd party controls integration available
  • Controller UPS available for keep-alive

Learn more about about E2 Controller

Custom air handling units are engineered, manufactured, and installed in data centers throughout the USA

Explore Custom AHU Examples


  • STULZ Air Handling Unit Brochure

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    • Date: 2016-09-13





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