STULZ CyberRow

Intelligent airflow control for more efficient rack cooling

CyberRow solutions are ideal for high density, row-based data center cooling, in open and contained applications. 


  • High-density racks and hot spots

  • Any size data center, including modular

  • Water-Side Economization

  • Application areas: IT, telecommunications



  • Innovative technology and high-quality components for minimal energy consumption

  • Can be used with racks from any manufacturer

  • Complete system separation between rack and A/C unit for maximum reliability

  • High performance value in the smallest space

  • Precise temperature control

  • Available in chilled water, air, water and glycol cooled systems

  • Made in the USA

  • Dave Meadows, Director of Technology


    “By close coupling the CyberRow equipment with the server racks we are able to achieve a higher overall energy efficiency.  The shorter, more predictable air path ensures that no cooled air is wasted”

Two Cabinet Sizes Available

CyberRow units are offered with 12" and 24" cabinet widths

Two Types of Air Pattern

  • Front discharge and front diverted plenum discharge options available
  • Front discharge recommended for containment configurations
  • Diverted plenum discharge recommended for open architecture configurations

We supply customized solutions specially adapted to your project requirements. Select a system.


EC Fan Technology 

Up to 3 speed-controlled EC Fans which can be controlled independently of each other for optimum adaptation to different return air and supply air temperatures.


STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring

  • Precise control of temperature and humidity
  • Multiple I/O capabilities for all major components to optimize control for energy savings
  • Supports universal BMS interface for remote monitoring (address readable) and remote control (address writable)
  • Capable of networking controllers in a workgroup (pLAN) to work as one (no BMS required)
  • Pre-engineered controls for economizers and adiabatic cooling

Learn more about about E2 Controller





Model CRS-090 12"CRS-180 24"CRS-042 12"CRS-084 12"CRS-090 12"
kW   13 - 3731 - 75163133
MBH44 - 126106 - 25655106112
Tons4 - 119 - 21599.3


Technical data is subject to change without notice.

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