Overview of modules

Thanks to the variety of options available, CyberHandler units can be configured precisely to suit your needs and requirements.


Modular design

Mechanical coolingFree CoolingAdiabatic cooling, humidificationCondenser module for DX
DX coilsDirect Free CoolingDirect Adiabatic CoolingCondenser module for DX
DX coilsDirect Adiabatic Cooling (air)
Indirect Free Cooling (water)
Direct Adiabatic CoolingExhaust air module for Direct Free Cooling
No mechanical coolingNo Free CoolingSteam humidifierLiquid cooler for CW



Air intake and filter module

  • Warm return air from the Data Center
  • Return air from the underside or the rear
  • Universal filter frame for various filter options (up to filter class F7)
  • For Direct Free Cooling with outside air – outside air intake via rain hoods and louver dampers

Module for Indirect Adiabatic Cooling

  • No outside air or water is mixed with the return air or supply air!
  • Return air flows through the heat exchanger, heat is conveyed into the external circuit, cold supply air is produced
  • Outside air flows through the heat exchanger in the opposite direction, removes the heat from the return air and is conveyed to the outside by the EC fans
  • Water is fed into the heat exchanger to lower the temperature of the outside air, and evaporates in the flow of outside air 

Mechanical cooling

  • DX coils
  • CW coils

Cooling coil and/or humidification module

  • When mechanical cooling and/or humidification is necessary
  • DX or CW coils for full or partial cooling capacity
  • Ultrasonic humidifier possible
  • Humidification with adiabatic pad possible

EC Fan array section

  • Multiple high-efficiency EC Fans
  • Fan speed control

Condenser module

  • Condensing unit for DX
  • Liquid cooler for CW

Exhaust module   

  • Exhaust module for Direct Air Economizer
  • Passive or powered by EC fans
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