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Packaged Rooftop Air Handling Unit

STULZ CyberPack provides a self-contained, DX air-cooled rooftop system, designed specifically for continuous operation in a mission critical environment. 



  • Up to two independently cooled circuits with highly reliable scroll compressors

  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant

  • -30°F to 115°F ambient operation (with optional flooded head pressure control)

  • Functional operations: cooling, dehumidification and filtration

  • EC (Electronically Commutated) Fans offer considerable energy cost savings and long life

  • Fan speed is continuously adjustable via the system controller without the use of VFD’s

  • 4” thick, MERV 8-15 cartridge air filters

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

  • Easy upgrade from comfort cooling units not designed for data center operation


STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring

    • Designed specifically for precision control of mission critical environments
    • Multiple I/O capabilities for all major components to optimize control for energy savings
    • Supports universal BMS interface for remote monitoring (address readable) and remote control (address writable)
    • Capable of networking controllers in a workgroup (pLAN) to work as one (no BMS required)
    • Pre-engineered controls for economizers and evaporative cooling
    • Optional control panel with touchscreen

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      Technical Data

      kW42 - 105
      Tons12 - 30
      CFM5,300 - 12,000
      m3/hr9,005 - 20,388

      Capacity data based on 80.0°F (26.7°C)db / 67.0°F(19.4°C) wb – For Reference Only – Built designs are driven by customer specification.




      • STULZ CyberPack Data Sheet 012116

        • File: STULZ_CyberPack_Data_Sheet_012116.pdf

        • Type: Adobe PDF

        • Size: 6,89 MB

        • Language: English (US)

        • Date: 2016-02-10

      • STULZ CyberPack Engineering Manual QENA019-

        • File: STULZ_CyberPack_Engineering_Manual_QENA019-.pdf

        • Type: Adobe PDF

        • Size: 3,07 MB

        • Language: English (US)

        • Date: 2016-03-28

      • STULZ CyberPack IOM ONA0144C

        • File: STULZ_CyberPack_IOM_ONA0144C.pdf

        • Type: Adobe PDF

        • Size: 10,91 MB

        • Language: English (US)

        • Date: 2016-03-28

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