STULZ Replacement CRAH

Increase cooling capacity and achieve significant energy savings without redesigning your data center

STULZ Replacement CRAHs are high capacity, direct drop-in, chilled water units with modern EC fans. They replace inefficient legacy units with belt-driven fans and provide instant energy savings and improved performance.

Replacement CRAHs Apply to:

  • Liebert FH 422C

  • Liebert FH 529C

  • Liebert FH 600C

  • Liebert FH 740C



  • No modification to existing piping mains, primary electric, or floorstand

  • STULZ V-Coil arrangement

  • Energy saving advantages of up to 40%, simply by replacing the CRAH

  • Additional energy savings of 50% and beyond can be achieved using advanced controls

  • Increased air volume at maximum fan speed

  • EC Fans operate at lower speeds, lower energy, even airflow

  • EC Fans consume less energy, therefore higher net cooling capacity

  • EC Fans provide optimized under-floor pressure and balanced airflow

  • Fast ROI; qualifies for utility rebates

  • Provides advanced communication and control capabilities

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Made in the USA

STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring

  • The E2 Controller will allow communication with all major BMS/BAS systems
  • Updated existing control options (under-floor pressure control; return or supply air temperature control; independent fan and valve control)
  • Dave Meadows, Director of Technology

    "For existing data center owners who need to replace old, unreliable CRAHs quickly and efficiently, STULZ provides a low cost, highly efficient replacement."



  • STULZ Replacement & Retrofit Brochure

    • File: STULZ_Replacement_Retrofit_Brochure.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 2,14 MB

    • Language: English (US)

    • Date: 2016-03-30


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