STULZ Factory Direct Sales

Mission critical cooling solutions, serving Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland

Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, STULZ USA is uniquely qualified to provide factory direct sales and service to the local market. With a seasoned team of in-house sales and engineering experts, STULZ is ready and excited to help you select the best solution for your mission critical needs. 

  • Perimeter Mounted CRACs and CRAHs

    Direct Expansion (DX) and Chilled Water (CW)

  • Row Based Cooling

    High density cooling in open or contained systems

  • Ceiling Mounted Cooling

    Space saving design frees up white space

  • Air Handler

    Direct and Indirect Evaporative AHU's

  • Packaged Rooftop Cooling

    Self-contained DX air-cooled system

  • Modular/Container

    Performance Optimized Data Center (POD)

  • EC Fan Retrofit Kit

    Variable speed EC Fan replaces belt driven DWDI blowers

  • Legacy CRAH Replacement

    Direct drop-in, chilled water cooling

  • Ultrasonic Humidification

    Room and Duct Mounted Options

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Bid Request Form

Designed & Manufactured in the USA

STULZ USA is proud to research, design, manufacture, test and support all products and solutions for the US and Canada at their 218,000 sq. ft. facility in Frederick, Maryland.

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Product Support

STULZ cares about the quality of our products.  We test every piece of equipment that leaves our building to ensure we are providing a superior product to our customers.

We believe that excellence doesn't end when the units are deployed and because of this, we offer comprehensive service solutions to maximize the efficiency and reliability of STULZ units in data centers and other mission critical rooms. 

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