Adiabatic vs. Isothermal Humidification

Adiabatic vs. Isothermal Humidification in Mission Critical Environments

The type of humidification used can make a significant dent in operating expenses and maintenance costs.  Learn about Adiabatic/Evaporative vs. Isothermal/Steam Humidification below.

Isothermal/Steam Humidification

Isothermal/Steam humidification systems use electricity or gas as an external heat source to change water to steam.  Energy consumed from an external energy source is approximately 1,000 BTU/LB of moisture.

  • Electrode canister
  • Infrared
  • Electric resistance
  • Direct steam injection (building steam)
  • Steam-to-steam
  • Gas-fired

Adiabatic/Evaporative Humidification

Adiabatic/Evaporative humidification systems use mechanical energy to generate water particles and/or evaporate water to/from media.  Energy extracted from air stream is approximately 1,000 BTU/LB of moisture.

  • Ultrasonic - piezoelectric transducer
  • High pressure water nozzle
  • Compressed air nozzle
  • Centrifugal atomizing (sling type)
  • Evaporative pad
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