STULZ Ducted/Air Handler (DAH)

DAH Ultrasonic Humidifier

STULZ Duct and Air Handler Humidifier (DAH) is designed for use with central station air handling units (AHU) and can be located conveniently in the air stream ductwork or rack mounted within the AHU itself.


  • Data centers

  • Libraries and museums

  • High tech manufacturing

  • Printing and duplication

  • Food and beverage

  • Agricultural and tobacco

  • Medical/Hospital

  • Laboratories

  • Commercial offices



  • Mounts in moving air stream of AHU or ductwork

  • Multiple humidifiers assembled on factory rack system

  • Air velocity design similar to heating/cooling coils

  • Factory accessories for optimized airflow and mist control

  • Absorption distance determined by RH of airstream

Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis

A STULZ Ultrasonic Humidifier needs only 7% of the power required by an electric steam humidifier. Assuming a humidification requirement or 20 lbs/ hr., a DAH-16 has a power requirement of 0.495 kW at 21.1 lbs/hr. Using a comparable capacity steam type humidifier, the power requirement is 6.8 kW at 20 lbs/hr, which is an energy premium of approximately 93%.

In a typical application, the yearly humidification requirement is approximately 2500-3000 hrs. ROI is typically 1-2 years verses Steam or Infrared.

At a $0.08 per kWh Utility Rate:

Ultrasonic yearly power requirement

3,000 hrs x 0.495 kW
1,485 kWh
Yearly electrical energy cost1,485 x $0.08 kWh
Steam electrode yearly power requirement

3,000 hrs x 6.8 kW
20,400 kWh
Yearly electrical energy cost20,400 kWh x $0.08/kWh
Yearly electrical energy savings$1,513.20


Why is humidification important in data centers?

Why Humidify?

STULZ E2 Control and monitoring  

  • Engineered for single or multiple humidifier systems
  • Utilizes STULZ E2 Microprocessor Controller for integrated operation of up to 16 humidifiers per zone
  • Ultra-Series control boxes enclose up to eight power supplies each, providing power and control distribution
  • Proportional analog output from microprocessor converted to Pulse Width Modulation at humidifiers
  • Monitors and communicates various system functions and alarms including water quality via integrated control and/or optional BMS

Principle of Operation

See how Ultrasonic works

STULZ offers portable exchange deionizers (PEDI) and total water systems by Culligan.

Learn more about STULZ Water Treatment by Culligan

Technical Data

lbs/hr5.3 - 39.6
kg/hr2.4 - 18.0


Technical data is subject to change without notice.


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