STULZ Precision Cooling & Humidity Control Solutions

STULZ Precision Cooling & Humidity Control Solutions for Grow Rooms

Working in cooperation with a leading medical cannabis grow facility, STULZ engineered a custom precision air conditioning and humidification solution to prevent crop loss and maximize the return on your investment.



  • Medical Cannabis Grow Facilities

  • Vertical Farming



  • Maximize crop yield: advanced environmental control units maintain tight control of temperature and humidity

  • Address relative humidity spikes during lights off cycles: special dehumidifier controls set coil temperatures low while reducing the air-flow rate to maximize moisture removal

  • Prevent the formation of white mold and mildew: enhanced dehumidification capabilities and tight moisture content control prevent crop loss due to mold and mildew

  • Pest control: UV-C lighting eliminates micro pests

Advanced Dehumidification Benefits for Healthy Plants

Deeper coils and drain pans are specifically designed to aid in the removal of moisture from the grow space. STULZ's proprietary coil temperature control system lowers the temperature of the coil to just above freezing for short periods of time to rapidly reduce the moisture content in the space.  This helps prevent the formation of white mold.



  • 100% front service access

  • Fan speed is continuously adjustable via a signal from the system controller, without the use of VFD's

  • Direct drive - no belt abrasion/dust, maintenance free operation

  • Less vibration and quiet operation

  • Adjustable air volume

  • Power correction included

  • Made in the USA


STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring

The E2 series microprocessor based controller continually monitors grow space conditions and maintains the proper temperature and relative humidity, utilizing STULZ's unique control method.

  • Precise control of temperature and humidity
  • Multiple I/O capabilities for all major components to optimize control for energy savings
  • Supports universal BMS interface for remote monitoring (address readable) and remote control (address writable)
  • Capable of networking controllers in a workgroup (pLAN) to work as one (no BMS required)
  • Pre-engineered controls for economizers and adiabatic cooling

Learn more about about E2 Controller

Humidity Control

Ultrasonic Humidification

Direct Room Humidifiers (DRH) provide a clean, efficient and precise humidity control solution. DRH's are designed for stand-alone room applications. They are typically mounted on a perimeter wall serving the grow space, or in an environment, such as dispenseries, where precise humidity control is required.

  • STULZ E2 Microprocessor controller allows integrated control operation of up to 16 humidifiers per grow room
  • 90% smaller droplet than nozzles
  • Adiabatic humidification process requires less than 7% of the energy required to boil water into steam using infrared technology
  • Mixed bed deionization water treatment systems
  • 100% of the demineralized water in the humidifier is utilized and does not require a flush cycle
  • Low operational expense equates to very short ROI
  • STULZ Ultra-Series proportional controller is engineered for single or multiple humidifier systems
  • Adds needed moisture in clone rooms

Learn more about Direct Room Humidifiers Here

  • Casey Jon McKay, Business Development Manager

    "The demands of the grow space are as dynamic, if not more so, than the typical data center environment. STULZ engineered solutions are the best way to address the level of control that successful grow operations require."


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